• Inspection Department

Quality Centre

In 2018 we invested in building a quality centre that allows us to perform detailed product inspections. Within the centre, we have advanced our high precision measuring equipment to ensure we work within our customer’s high tolerances.

Our most recent investment, the Aberlink Axiom Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), provides a fast and efficient way of measuring manufactured parts with high precision.

Our on-site inspector uses a Keyence digital imager which allows up to 100 simultaneous measurements to be performed in seconds on a wide range of precision parts to a repeatability of +/-0.1 microns. From this, we can run analysis on parts providing the customer with a tailored report on the digitally imaged parts.

For additional measuring equipment we have a Gagemaker MIC Trac MT-3000. The versatile bench mounted length measuring system allows us to measure parts, calibrate handheld gages, and preset indicator style gages. The gauge maker unit has a standard resolution of .0005″ with an accurate range from ±.0001″ to ±.0004″. Additional gauges such as a height gauge, a vast range of thread gauges,
Additionally, we can perform hardness tests on manufactured parts with our Innovatest 600 Automatic Hardness Tester and King Brinell Hardness Tester.

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